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Whether you’re just starting to build a credit history or need to restore a damaged one, a secured credit card can help. Secured credit cards operate similarly to prepaid debit cards since you’ll be required to send funds in before using the card. These funds secure the limit. However, secured cards report your credit history to the country’s major credit bureaus while prepaid debit cards don’t. When your credit history is questionable, your options may be limited, but don’t let this stop you from assessing the terms, amenities and features of a secured card. Here are six of the best secured credit cards.

Discover It Secured Card

discover-it-secured-cardWith the Discover It Secured Card, you’ll avoid an annual fee and have the chance to earn rewards, which is rare with this type of account. Discover awards you with 2 percent cash back on gas and restaurant purchases. You’ll also receive 1 percent back on your other spending. By using this card, you can earn up to $1,000 per quarter.

The company will report to the three credit bureaus on your behalf. Discover also gives you access to your FICO score. You’ll see it on your statement and your online account. After a year, Discover will begin evaluating you monthly to see if you qualify for a regular account.

OpenSky Secured Visa

openskyNerdWallet confirms that OpenSky’s Secured Visa is one of the few cards that you can get without the added requirement of having a checking account. Along with this benefit, the bank does not process a credit check before approving you. Card members pay an annual fee of $35 for the card. With this account, you can deposit from $200 to $3,000, and your limit will be equal to the amount that you deposit. Because OpenSky reports to the three credit bureaus, you’ll be able to develop or improve your credit history with this credit card.

Capital One Secured MasterCard

capital-one-secured-mastercardIf you’re unable to make a large deposit, consider applying for a Capital One Secured MasterCard. Unlike many secured cards, Capital One will give you access to more credit than the amount that you put down. Based on your credit, the company may approve you for a $200 credit limit with just a $49 or $99 deposit. Capital One does not charge an annual fee for its secured card.

Primor Secured Visa

primor-secured-visaWalletHub recommends the Primor Secured Visa Card because of the financial institution’s low annual percentage rate, or APR, of 9.99 percent and its 25-day grace period. With this card, you will pay a $49 annual fee as well as a late fee of $29. The company guarantees approval for its card as long as you earn more than you spend by at least $100. Primor reports your credit history to the three nationwide credit bureaus, so you’ll have the opportunity to improve it. You can also put down a $200 to $5,000 deposit.

Commerce Bank Secured Visa

commerce-bank-secured-visaU.S. Bank recommends the Commerce Bank Secured Visa for those who are working to build a credit history. The financial institution will require you to send in a security deposit. The good news is that you will earn interest on this money. Commerce Bank does not charge you for cash advances or balance transfers, but the annual fee for the card is $49, and the APR is 18.24 percent on balance transfers.

SkyTrust Visa Secured MasterCard

To receive approval for the SkyTrust Visa Secured MasterCard, you will need to have a credit score that ranges from 690 to 720. The credit card company charges an annual fee of $32 for the account as well as an APR of 20.24 percent. You’ll have access to your FICO credit score, and the financial institution will help you rebuild your credit history. With the card, you’ll pay a foreign purchase transaction fee of 3 percent, but the bank will not charge you to transfer a balance.

A Path to Good Credit

Secured cards let you build or fix your credit history. To improve your score, be sure to make your payments on time and keep your account under the limit. When you need a path to good credit, turn to a secured card.